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Spray nozzles cleaning systems are used in all those special filtration processes (industries such as food, textile, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paper) where suspended solids are difficult to remove.


When the differential pressure gauge reaches the pre-set pressure difference between filter inflow and outflow, a signal is triggered and the cleaning starts. This operation is divided into three separate phases: The first phase is the closure of the inlet valve (1) with consequent closure of the outflow check valve (2).
In the second phase the tank is emptied through the discharge valve (3)
The third phase is the actual cleaning: the washing inlet valve opens (4) and through the manifold (5) feeds the nozzles (6), at the same time the electric motor (7) powers the rotations of the cleaning systems. The washing pressure range from a minimum of 1 Bar to maximum of 50 Bar. Average length of the cleaning cycle is 120 sec.