For many years Elfi has been committed to the design, construction and control of filtration systems with self-cleaning filters, cartridge filters, strainer filters and centrifugal separators for fluids in various applications.

From its inception, the company has attracted competencies in the area of design and construction of self-cleaning filters with expertise in the design of water treatment processes: this has enabled us to effectively study and develop products that can meet all the requirements of a modern water treatment process.


Our company produces filtering systems with a variety of materials in order to meet any kind of process need. Our standard production focuses on the most frequent filtration degrees for application in self-cleaning filtration from 500 μm to 25 μm.There is an increasing number of applications requiring filters that can operate even below these values down to 1÷2 μm. These cases call for careful engineering of the application to enable adequate sizing of the system and achieve excellent performance.Our company also specializes in the construction of customized filtration systems providing highly competitive solutions for any industrial application and in line with every customer’s specific requirements.


ELFI considers its Quality Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard as one of the main incentives for the involvement of staff and as an improvement of its processes, basing its operational choices on concepts of: Centrality and Correctness, towards the Customer understood as respect for the expectations, wishes and commitments undertaken, for a total coincidence between the expected quality and the perceived and verified quality of our products / services.

Seriousness, understood as reliability: – the service provided and the products supplied, – the operating procedures for relations with customers, suppliers and the local community.

Compliance, understood as compliance with the contractual and legislative requirements envisaged in the implementation of the business activity in all its processes.