The two-dimensional filtering element features a single-wire fabric i.e. made with a single wire usually woven into a square-shaped mesh.

This type of fabric allows fairly precise filtering, yet limited by the type of brush cleaning system (about 80 micron).

The two-dimensional fabric can be made either with synthetic type polyamide materials, polyester etc. or with AISI 316 metal materials, such as Inconel, Hastelloy etc. Synthetic fabrics are easier to wash and more resistant to oxidation compared to metallic fabrics, which are certainly more resistant to wear than synthetic fabrics are. All two-dimensional filtering fabrics accomplish good filtration efficiency of suspended inorganic solids while they have poor filtration efficiency of organic suspended solids.

Composition of a two-dimensional filtering element for SP filter

Whether the filtering element is made of synthetic or metal material, normally the filtering element is made of the following components: